. news
unity and freedom, competition for a monument in Berlin

. diploma semester

field work in Sarajevo
rhythmic music conservatory in Sarajevo

. 5th year

strategy and method [before Palermo]
field work in Palermo
'animate' method workshop
a zoological science center in Palermo

. 4th year

strategy and method [before Porto]
field work in Porto
production & media house [process phases]
production & media house [the project]

. 3rd year

landscape in the city [process phases]
landscape in the city [city planning]
city in the house [offices+apartments]
workshop Grimshaw & Partners [Jolyon Brewis]
element and structure
sailing club [bachelor project]

. 2nd year

canopy 6x6x6m
workshop w. MVRDV [Hangzhou development plan]
an automotive dealer
studies in Aarhus, DK
studies in China

. 1st year
house+gallery+atelier for an artist
studies in Cuba